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Automatic conveyor-type drying complexes 150, 300, 400 and 550 kg/h

“BID” company produces conveyor dryers for pasta drying: 150, 300, 400, 550 kg/hr. These chambers have a wide range of advantages in comparison with usual convection dryer chambers, which are used in tray drying. Production process is fully automated from the point when we have a raw product until it is ready for packaging. There is no necessity in manual load. Control and speed regulation of the belts, temperature and humidity executing automatically at all stages of drying according to the set parameters
In the design and manufacture of the proposed equipment we used modern materials and components, as well as cutting-edge technology with the relevant international requirements
Конвейерные сушильные комплексы 150, 300, 400, 550 кг/ч
Specifications summary:
Characteristic Unit Value
Maximal capacity based on final product kg/h 150 300 400 550
Installed power* kW 103 136 145 245
Average  power consumption kW/h 37 75 105 150
Working area m2 48 112 168 252
Number of conveyors units 3 7 7 9
Belt width m. 2 2 2 2
Dimensions, not more than: Length Width Height mm. 8200х2450х2600 8000х2450х3600 12200х2450х3600 14200х2450х3700

** If the client possesses a steaming unit, it is possible to connect drying section to the steaming unit. Steam pressure shouldn't be less than 3.5 bars and temperature not less than 140 °С.

if drying complex is connected to the steam system:
Characteristic Unit Value
Maximal capacity based on final product kg/h 150 300 400 550
Installed power kW 16 22 22 30
Average  power consumption kW/h 11,2 15,4 15,4 21
Steam consumption kg/h 38,4 64,8 79,8 118

  This conveyor dryer with belts made of polyester thread allow to use your heat more wisely, without any unnecessary leaks . At first pneumatic conveyer placer loads pasta on the belt where it heats up to 60-70 degrees, and intensively removes moisture. Fans, which are set on the cover of the chamber, move humid air away from pasta, moving it along to the upper section, and direct it either into the outside drawing system or into the section of this convection dryer. There are softer conditions for drying in the bottom section, the temperature is lower and humidity runs up to 75 %, due to incoming air and steam which is feed by steam generator. Electro-heaters are use as heating elements, but according to the additional agreement it is possible to install steam heater. Temperature and humidity control is provided with sensors set in each section. Total control is provided by only one control panel. Pasta moving slowly through the belts and gets into the bottom section from the upper one and goes through different drying stages- from intensive drying in the upper section, where its humidity reduces from 32% to 20 %, to soft – in the bottom sections where its humidity reduces gradually from 20% to 13-14%. The whole drying procedure is regulated and can make up from 45 minutes to 4 hours. Pasta going out form the convective dryer at first get into vibrating tray where it is under hygrothermal processing by steam (pasteurization) at the temperature 120-140 degrees for relieving internal stress. Steam for pasteurization comes into from its own steam generator. On buying of this сonveyor drying as a unit with a press, using pasteurization component after the press is desirable, but not necessary. Then pasta gets into conveyor, which loads it into the bunker for the next stabilization. In the bunker under mild expulsion during 5-8 hours product humidity decreases down to 13 %, after that pasta is ready for packaging.

Under the agreement with customer the factory can supply packing complex, packing section including the transporter and electronic weighing machine. The complex is calculated for packaging in sack tare.
By the additional agreement the unit can be completed with packaging machine, equipped with feeding and outfeed transporter system for packaging in polypropylene packet (from 400gr to 1 kg)

It is recommended to use this equipment twenty-four hours per day.




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