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Cabinet-type drying chamber 400 kg per load

Шкафная сушильная камера с разовой загрузкой до 400 кг This drying chamber is designed for drying different vacuum pasta products, but also it can be used for drying vegetables, root crops, nuts and other products.
Drying is carried with trays in the envirement of cycling dry air with automatic parameters 
Vacuum pasta has higher consumer properties, unlike the simple one, but it is required to pay more attention during the drying process
"BID" Enterprise offers a low-temperature method of drying, based on the soft, long-term effect of the dry air cycling in order to preserve the integrity and attractive appearance to the pasta
The presented drying chamber is made of modern heat-saving materials, which ensures maximum energy saving and long service life
Characteristic Value
Number of carts in the drying chamber 4 pcs.
Number of trays in the cart 25 pcs.
Single load 350-400 kg
Duration of vacuum pasta drying 6-10 h
Installed power of heating elements 10 kW
Installed power. Engines 2.2 kW
Average  power consumption* 10 kW
Recommended temperature of drying air 40-45ºС (60ºС max)
Recommended relative humidity of drying air 60-80%
Specified dry air parameters - it is supported automatically or manually
Scheme of drying air operation - recirculation with a clean outburst of saturated air
Size: Depth, Width, Height, mm. 2620х1960х2650
* If the client possesses steaming unit, it is possible to connect drying section to the steaming unit. Steam pressure shouldn't be less than 3.5 bars and temperature - not less than 140 °С.
 When the drying chamber is connected to the steam unit, average power consumption will be 1.5 kW/h and steam consumption will be 10.8 kg/h 

The main secret of vacuum pasta drying is in the correct combination of the air humidity and speed of air flow, temperature, time and persistence time 
After buying of the our 150 kg/h pasta press it is highly recommended to acquire at least 3 drying chambers and 4 additional carts with trays.

  It is recommended to use the equipment - 24/7
  The term of warranty service is up to a year and a half.


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