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Universal complex for «nests» 120 kg/h and for the short-cut pasta with the capacity of 300 kg/h

 This pasta machine is designed to produce “Nests” pasta products with the capacity up to 120 kg/hour, and the short-cut pasta products with the capacity up to 300 kg/hour . Capacity is determined on finished product and depends on the shape of the product and type of the raw material.

Pressing section Drying section Packaging and weighing section *** Forming machine
1. Flour mixer with the bag tilter* 7.Drying chamber, (8 units) 9. Inclined belt conveyor(4 meters) with feed hopper  12. Forming machine
2. Screw conveyor* 8. Additional carts with trays (4 units)  10. Packaging and weighing machine  13. Additional frame
3. Pasta press, Pasta extruder    11. Packed product belt conveyor 2 meters   
4. Pressing section control panel       
5. Steaming unit**      
6. Tray for short-cut pasta      

*Flour sifting machine with the bag tilter and screw conveyor together make the flour prepearing section. This section is not included in standart configuration and it is optional.

**Steaming unit  is not included in standart configuration, but it is recommened in order to make a product with the better properties, and it also helps to make better product from the low quality flour.

***Packaging and weighing complex is optional

This complex has the following features:

  • Process automation
  • Pneumo-electronic system used for raw material dosing
  • Vacuum kneading
  • Standalone hydraulic system which monitors water flow and temperature of water depending on its function
  • Automatic forming machine
  • Pasta steaming
  • Automated drying section
  • Small size 

 In the design and manufacture of the proposed equipment we used modern materials and components, as well as cutting-edge technology in accordance with the relevant international requirements

Download full catalog  Download Universal complex for "nests" 120 kg/h.pdf

 Specifications summary:

Characteristic Pressing section Forming complex Drying section
Electric power Electric power with steam*
Maximal capacity for fresh pasta, kg/h up to 375 up to 150 up to 375
Maximal capacity for dry product, kg/h up to 300 up to 120 up to 300
Installed power, kW 32 3 161.6 17.6
Average  power consumption, kW 22.4 1.5 84.5 12.3
Steam consumption, kg/h - - - 86.4
Water consumption, l/hr 70 - - -
Operating personnel, pers. 2

*Drying section and steaming unit can be connected to the steam system of the client (if available). Steam pressure shouldn't be less than 3.5 bars and temperature not less than 140 °С..

Process summary

Flour contained in 50 kg sacks is discharged by sack tilter to the flour dressing unit(1) having the volume of 250 kg wherein it is mixed to level the moisture and organoleptic characteristics of raw materials. Then it is fed by Screw conveyor(2) to the flour sifting machine to remove foreign substances (admixtures). Sifted flour is transported by air conveyor to the service bin located above the press(3) from where it is moved, together with water, by pneumo-electronic system to the kneader bin. Note please that kneader is vacuumized. Finished vacuumized dough from the kneader is fed by the auger to the working cylinder and further to the pressing head When passing through
the die with extrusion nozzles, pasta is shaped in various pasta forms.

Temperature conditions of water used for paste kneading and working cylinder cooling, are maintained by the press standalone (closed-loop) hydraulic system. To heat press head is installed a separate tank (9). It means that the press may operate without water draining to sewer system.
The press is fitted with main drive rpm governor for fine tuning of production capacity to shape products in required form.
Then pasta plies formed in “Nests” by forming machine(12) are evenly laid on drying trays whereupon the trays are manually placed on the carts and are fed to cabinet drier (7) . The time the product rests in cabinet driers is 6 to 13 hours depending on the product type.
When making short-cut pasta products, we recommend that prior to laying on the trays, formed pasta pieces should be exposed to steaming so as to make them more vitreous and to improve the organoleptic characteristics of pasta in the steaming unit fitted with all the required control and safety automatic equipment.
Dry product is stabilized on the tables whereon it undergoes moisture distribution and cooling for 1 to 2 hours. Thereafter the product is ready for packing.

The optimal operating mode for the line is 24-hour operation.


Our company can upgrade the equipment of our clients to transfer it to the production of "Nests"






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