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Universal complex for the spaghetti production 250 kg/h and short-cut pasta production with the capacity of 300 kg/h

Basic configuration of the proposed system is designed for production of long-cut (up to 500mm) pasta (spaghetti) with the capacity up to 250 kg/h Also, this complex can be fitted with auxiliary equipment for the production a short-cut (up to 40mm) pasta with capacity up to 300 kg/h

  1. Flour preparation unit*
  2. Flour sifter
  3. Pasta press, Pasta extruder
  4. Pressing section control panel
  5. Hanging machine
  6. Drying chamber ( 7 units ) 
  7. Forming machine

*Flour sifting machine with the bag tilter and screw conveyor together make flour prepearing section. This section is not included in standart configuration and it is optional.

This complex has the following technological features:

  • Automation of the process;
  • Pneumo-electronic dosing of raw materials;
  • Vacuum kneading of dough;
  • Recycle of raw pasta residues;
  • Vertical delivery of the finished product
  • Main drive speed control
  • Standalone hydraulic system that tracks the waters flow and its temperature depending on the purpose of use;
  • Drying section consists of 8 chambers;
  • Possibility to make a short-cut pasta

In the design and manufacture of the proposed equipment we use modern materials and components, as well as cutting-edge technology in accordance with the relevant international requirements

Download full catalog  Download complex for the spaghetti production 250 kg/h.pdf


Specifications summary

Characteristic Pressing section Drying section
Electric power  Electric power with steam*
Maximal capacity for the long-cut pasta (up to 500mm), kg/h 250 250
Maximal capacity for the short-cut pasta (up to 500mm), kg/h 300 300
Installed power, kW 53 198.8 30.8
Average  power consumption, kW 37.1 85.4 24.6
Steam consumption, kg/h - - 75.6
Maximum one time load of the long-cut pasta to the drying chamber, kg - 550
Maximum one time load of the short-cut pasta to the drying chamber, kg - 740
Drying time, h - 12-24 hours (based on the production type) 
Water consumption, l/h 60 -
Operating personnel, pers. 2
* Drying complex and steaming unit can be connected to the steam system of the client (if available). Steam pressure should be not less than 3.5 bars and temperature not less than 140 °С.

Press for the spaghetti production

Our press for the spaghetti production uses high vacuum at mixing which allows to create product with unique appearance and quality. The special head allows to press all kinds short-cut pasta only after the minor reconfiguration

Drying chamber

Drying of the long-cut pasta is automatic and depends on the set program. The quantity of drying chambers depends on the pasta press capacity, and for 300 kg/hour it is 7 chambers + additional set of carriages. Сhamber has an unique ventilation system, developed by our engineers especially for our machines. It allows to create the best conditions for drying of long-cut pasta. Quality of our long-cut pasta is competitive with the other products, which was made with the equipment of the best world manufacturers (BUHLER, Braibanti, Pavan).

Under the additional agreement the chambers could be supplied by an additional carriages and trays for short-cut pasta production.

Drying chambers loading capacity (based on the typy of the product) 550-600 kg. Drying period heavily depends on the type of the product and could be 12 - 24 hours

Specifications summary:

Characteristic Value
Installed power for the heating elements 24 kW
Installed power of electric motors 4 kW
Average power consumption for the heating elements 9 kW/h
Quantity of carriages in dryer 8 units
Quantity drying rods on the carriage 36 units
Dimensions: Length Width Height 4120mm 2820mm 2860mm
Forming machine

Main purpose of this machine is to set the length of the pasta product. Machine automatically operates with dry pasta, and then it is transporting by conveyor for the packing. Drying rods are accumulate in the container, under machine

Specifications summary:

Characteristic Value
Maximal capacity for finished product: 180-250 kg/h
Installed power: 2 kW
Average  power consumption: 1.2 kW
Operating personnel, pers:
Dimensions: Length Width Height 1750mm 2530mm 1840mm


Delivery package: 

  1. Forming machine
  2. Control panel



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