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Universal line  for production of gluten free pasta with capacity up to 30 kg/h

Dear ladies and gentlemen!
We are pleased to bring to your attention an information about the universal line for production of long-cut and short-cut gluten-free pasta.
Macaroni line is intended for production of gluten free pasta with capacity up to 30 kg/h
This line is intended for production of gluten free pasta with capacity up to 30 kg/h.
Capacity is determined on the finished production and depends on the type of product and raw material.
Pressing complex Drying complex
1. Flour sifter with sack tilter and weigher of raw material 7. Drying chamber, 3 pcs *****
2. Bucket for the flour 8. Additional set of 4 carts with trays
3. Pasta press * 9. Table for the cooling and stabilization of the production
4. Control panel of the press **  
5. Belt conveyor ***  
6. Cutting device for long products ****  

* Press is intended for production of the pasta products from gluten free raw materials (rice, corn, buckwheat, etc.).
** For smooth start and equal performance of the pressing and drying complexes it is recommended to complete the pasta press with speed regulator of the main drive
*** Belt conveyor is not included in the basic set of equipment and it is required for aligning and stacking of products on the cutter mechanism during the production of the long-cut pasta.
**** Cutting device for the long products is not included in the basic set and it is required for the cutting of the long-cut pasta.
***** Drying complex can be equipped with the steam heaters and steam control system which can reduce the power consumption by more than 90%  and replace the main source of energy with cheaper fuels, such as gas, wood etc.

Special features:
- Special geometry of the pressing unit, which is optimal for the production of the gluten free product;
- Automated raw material dosing ;
- Automatic control of all technological modes;
- Full Vacuum kneading of the dough ;
- Drying complex includes three cabinet-type drying chambers with automated maintenance accordingly to the set technological parameters;
- Compactness;
- Easy maintenance.

Download full catalog  Download line for production of gluten free pasta.pdf

Technical characteristics
Name of parameter Pressing complex Drying complex
Maximum capacity for dough pieces, kg/h up to 40 up to 40
Maximum capacity for dry products, kg/h up to 30 up to 30
Installed capacity, kWt 8 30.3
Average power consumption, kWt/h 6.5 12
Water consumption, l/h 11 -
Operating staff, people 1 1

The number of support staff (for example: loaders, cleaners, etc.) should be chosen at your will
One 20ft railway container is required for the transportation of the line in a partially packed form    
If it's necessary to have a special wood packaging for the complex – number of the containers can be increased. Price of the packing in special packaging should be discussed separately.
In design and manufacturing of this line is used most modern parts and components and implemented the latest advanced technologies which correspond to the current international requirements.

Brief description of the technical process

Sack with flour is installed on the platform of the sack tilter and after it flour passing through the sifter falls into a bucket installed on a weighing hopper.
The operator takes pre-weighed dose of flour into a vacuum hopper of the the press (1), which supplies flour into the mixing bunker. After reaching the mass set on the dispenser, the flour delivery stops.
Pressing unit is equipped with water dosing system, which supply required dose of water into the mixing bunker.
It should be noted that both kneading bunkers are working under a deep vacuum, and the dough during kneading completely loses the air, which makes it more pliable and tight.
Dough from the upper kneading bunker is fed into the second bunker, which works under the same vacuum and in the constant shaking.
From the second hopper dough by the screw is supplied into the work chamber of the auger, and after it to the pressing head with die, which form pasta of required shape.
Cutting device for short-cut pasta has smooth adjustment of speed, which allows to adjust the length of the product from 3 to 40 mm
For production of long-cut passta (noodles, vermicelli) is used separate cutting device In the set with belt conveyor, which supply and align pasta to the cutting device.
Next raw pasta evenly spread on the drying trays , and after that by the cart is feeding into the drying chamber.
Time of drying in the drying chamber – 6-10 hours.
After drying chamber short-cut dry pasta is disharged on the stabilization table, where takes place the process of distribution of moisture and cooling of the product within 1-2 hours

Optimal operation mode of the line is 24h/day


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