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What technology do you use in your equipment to maximize product quality? After all, the domestic pasta raw material does not shine with quality and usual flour is used sometimes with a gluten content below 24%

First of all, it must be said that this is not one method, but a whole complex of technological implementations that enable us to achieve the main task: to make bakery products that meet the requirements of standards and the average consumer, and from good raw materials, the products of the highest quality Even the most demanding gourmet.

Can you talk more about these implementations?

The whole process begins with the preparation of raw materials. The ability to mix different batches of raw materials, lots of different quality, allow the manufacturer to satisfy the needs of consumers of different categories. Those who produce pasta know how important it is - to flexibly approach the demands of the market.

The next serious "plus" of our equipment is an active vacuum. The active vacuum, that is, the mixing of the ingredients of the pasta dough takes place in a vacuum. This way of evacuation makes it possible to completely eliminate air ingress into the dough, making it as dense as possible during pressing.
A deep vacuum with a residual pressure of not more than 15 kPa (-0.85kg / cm²) is necessary for preparing the test of the required density.

You focus so much on the vacuum, please tell us in more detail why macaroni need vacuum treatment?

The use of vacuum in pasta production is a significant improvement in the technological process. Products produced without the use of vacuum, are saturated with small air bubbles, which have the appearance of white matte points. Air bubbles in the test cause double damage to pasta: air inclusions destroy carotenoids, give the products a pleasant yellowish color, reduce the mechanical strength of products, promote digestion during cooking. The purpose of evacuating the dough before molding the pasta is to remove air bubbles from the dough. Simultaneously with the removal of air bubbles, the color of the finished products is noticeably improved. Vacuum products have the following qualities: they are more glassy, have a characteristic bright color with a yellowish tinge, acquire an increased mechanical strength, retain an attractive shape when cooking.

And what are the ways of evacuation?

There are several ways to evacuate the test:

The first method is evacuation from the pressing zone, where the dough is already partially compressed, which does not allow complete removal of air inclusions from the dough;
Next - evacuation of the finished kneaded dough, which gives almost complete removal of air inclusions from the dough, but the oxidation of coloring pigments (carotenoids) begins before evacuation, which is reflected in the appearance of macaroni.
And the last kind of evacuation is throwing in the initial components (flour and water) into the kneading zone with an airless space that prevents the oxidation reaction of pigments and promotes the formation of a dense test that is devoid of air inclusions.
The third method is most effective in the vacuum production of pasta and is used on our equipment.

What other technologies do you use in your equipment?

Do not forget about the pressing, as the main technological action in the production of pasta.
A high pressing pressure of 110-130 kg / cm² thickens the dough, in the absence of air, so that a gluten-free lattice is formed that binds the starch grains inside. Quality of pasta, maximum.
Our designers have developed and implemented a new form of splines on the inner surface of the extruder. Together with cooling with warm water - 38 ° C, this eliminates the destruction of gluten (grinding) when the dough is pressed.

I see you are processing the products by ferry.

Yes processing blanks with superheated, dry steam, (hygrothermal treatment) with a temperature of 120-130 ° C removes stresses inside products, reduces the activity of enzymes that promote darkening, denature the surface layer of gluten, and pasteurize products.
Hygrothermal treatment, we subject the product and after drying. This process, after drying, completely prevents cracking of the products during cooling and stabilization in carousel bins.

Tell us how you are drying process

Drying of products is carried out in a classic convective manner with the use of "soft" drying air, which eliminates the unpleasant "surprises" associated with the drying process.

What technologies of drying pasta do you use in conveyor (conveying) drying chambers?

Drying of short-cut pasta in the conveyor chambers allows to maximally automate those. process. A feature of the conveyor chambers is that the product, during drying, is poured from tape to tape, changing its location and mixing with each other, which allows to evenly dry the product throughout the mass.


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