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Excellent quality of finished products. The production system is designed to work on low-gluten flour, such as regular baking flour. The pasta machine provides excellent pasta quality, no matter what ingredients were used - durum or soft wheat varieties.


In order to improve the quality of the final products, we equipped all our lines with a flour mixer. It helps to control the moisture of the flour.


Turbo pre-mixer. This unit allows reducing the time of kneading and allows to make products from semolina.


Mixing ingredients by the action of vacuum at all stages.


The single-bunker vacuum kneading system allows producing pasta with excellent quality even using ordinary soft-type bread flour. It allows to use available flour types and decrease the cost of the product.


Special “Anti-destruction” system allows reducing the destruction of gluten during the extrusion, which significantly improves the quality of products.


Drying complex is fully automated and was specially designed to dry pasta products.


The complex has up to 5 separated climatic zones which support individual conditions of temperature and humidity. The dryer provides excellent quality of drying and prevents pasta from cracking.


Each shape of pasta has individual drying mode according to its particular qualities.


All our equipment is automated and equipped with all the necessary electronics. We have mechanical protective systems for safe and trouble-free workflow.


Pasta machines maker - Company BID invites you at Exhibition FoodTec 2019 in DELHI to tell you everything about pasta manufacturing and pasta machines!
On behalf of, BID LLC, Ukraine, designer, and manufacturer of Pasta production Lines and Kaustav Engineering - an authorized sales and service agent in India....

In November 2018, we participated in the Gulfood 2018 exhibition that took place in Dubai.
In November 2018, we participated in the Gulfood 2018 exhibition that took place in Dubai....

We invite and will be glad to see you at our booth of Pasta eqipment
BID company regularly participates in exhibitions all over the world. At this moment more than 10 our pasta production lines have already been installed and are successfully operating in India. ...



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