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Is the pasta helpful?

Pasta from durum wheat are the products of superior quality. Starch contained in them in crystalline form. These pasta helps the body maintain a stable blood sugar levels. They are also rich in vegetable proteins and vitamins of group B. In addition, these large amounts of fiber, which is an excellent sorbent and excreted waste products, toxins and heavy metals.
Pasta - nourishing food, devoid of starch, is used without bread and wonderfully combined with herbs, vegetables and seafood. Do not be afraid of pasta, if they are made from durum wheat. Then they are not only low in calories but rich in "slow" sugars, which provides our body stable level of blood glucose, ie, support normal levels of insulin at a relatively low calorie.

In some countries, particularly in France, Greece and Italy in the sun, which is traditionally considered the birthplace of pasta, to the production and preparation of this product is treated with special care. For the production of pasta products in these countries is only a special coarse meal - grains, grind exclusively from durum wheat. Production of pasta from the other raw materials, without a special mention on the packaging, shall be punished in the territory of these states the law. Such high demands for raw pasta due to the fact
that it is the quality of flour depends on the taste of pasta shape retention in cooking and other important indicators of the producers called organoleptic characteristics.
How to distinguish the quality of the pasta noodles from soft wheat?

In pasta from soft wheat surface and break harsh, unnatural color or whitish-yellow poison, traces nepromesa or not at all or too much, and in a pack there are crumbs or flour. When cooking pasta, such lose their shape, become sklizlymi and virtually tasteless.

Pasta from durum wheat are different smooth surface and uniform color, the package does not precipitate in the form of powdery dust, just on the assertions of experts, contain more protein, useful minerals and vitamins. Must pay attention to the inscription on the box: "made from durum wheat exclusively.

With the application of such high quality raw materials, equipment company BID can be made from durum wheat pasta is not conceding as classic Italian products.


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