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Hygrothermal steaming unit


This unit is intended for pasta processing by overheated steam in order to achive glassiness, gluten activation and increase strength properties of the product during the drying, storing and boiling.

Characteristic Unit PG-1 PG-2 PG-3
Limits of working pressure in the boiler of the pasteurizer, not more than KGs/cm2 3 3 3
The volume of the pasteurizer boiler, no more than Litres 25 25 50
Consumption of water (steam *) for the pasteurizer, no more than l/h 15 20 40
Installed power kW 12 22.5 44.25
Average  power consumption* kW/h 8,5 15 28

*This unit can be connected to the steam system of the client (if available). Steam pressure in the system must be not less than 3,5 atm (Bar) and temperature not less than 140 ° С. In this case power consumption will be 1 kW/h  for drive of the vibro-tray and blowing fan.

PG-1 Is intended for the pasta line up to 150 kg/h

PG-2 Is intended for the pasta line up to 400 kg/h.

PG-3 Is intended for the pasta line more than 400 kg/h

Warranty period - one and a half years




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In November 2018, we participated in the Gulfood 2018 exhibition that took place in Dubai....

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